TOUCH ISOLATION – press photo Silvia Rohrbach

Shows in Zürich, Lausanne, Chur and Bern coming up!

February 4, 5 Touch Isolation by Schwald/Leuenberger, Yeah Yeah Yeah Festival Zürich,

March 18, 19 Touch Isolation by Schwald/Leuenberger, théâtre Sévelin 36 Lausanne,

March 22 Touch Isolation by Schwald/Leuenberger, Theater Chur,

March 29, 30 Touch Isolation by Schwald/Leuenberger, Dampfzentrale Bern,

Even before the Corona crisis, choreographer Chris Leuenberger and director Marcel Schwald were interested in bodies that must not come into contact with others. After drawing on stories from India for their examination of femininity („Ef_femininity“, 2018), in their new work „Touch Isolation“ Leuenberger/Schwald reflect on their own masculinity while using role models from the USA, where the term Touch Isolation originated. It refers to a deep-seated fear of physical contact between men, said to particularly affect those who are socialized in the United States and other English-speaking countries, where from an early age boys are discouraged from exchanging gentle platonic touch with other boys.

For their documentary series about creation processes in the field of contemporary dance Mona De Weerdt and Michelle Ettlin visited some of our rehearsals and made this insightful short film about the process:

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