Fatin Abbas, Berlin is a Sudanese-American writer, journalist and scholar. Her work lies at the intersection of postcolonial studies, African and African-American studies, migration, and gender. Her short fiction has appeared in Granta, Freeman’s: The Best New Writing on Arrival, The Warwick Review, and Friction, and her journalism and essays have appeared in Le Monde Diplomatique, The Nation, Africa is a Country and Die Zeit, among other places. Her first novel, The Interventionists, is forthcoming from W. W. Norton & Co. She gained her PhD in Comparative Literature from Harvard University and her MFA in Creative Writing from Hunter College, the City University of New York. She is a recipient of a Miles Morland Foundation Writing Scholarship, an Austrian Federal Chancellery / KulturKontakt Artist-in-Residence award and a James Baldwin St. Paul de Vence Writer-in-Residence award, among others. She is a Lecturer in Comparative Literature at Bard College Berlin, where she teaches on postcolonialism and migration.
Cosima Grand, Zürich graduated from Centre nationale de danse contemporaine (CNDC) in Angers France, directed by Emanuelle Huynh. Grand was a member of Marchepied in Lausanne while she simultaneously completed the Bachelor in multilingual communication at the University of Geneva. She studied theater studies and sociolinguistics at the University of Berne. Grand collaborates and performs with i.a. Aina Alegre, Simone Truong, Chris Leuenberger, Lucie Eidenbenz. Her own work covers T-R-A-N-S (Cosima Grand and Pia Campos, 2011), Me, myself and I (Cosima Grand and Sabrina Zimmermann, 2013), BeMyselfAndDie (Cosima Grand and Davide Prudente, 2013, rewarded with the prize Fondation Bea pour jeunes artistes), CTRL-V (EP) (2nd prize PREMIO 2015), CTRL-V (LP) (2016), Hitchhiking through Winterland (2018). Cosima is co-founder of Residenz Tanz Leuk. 2015 she was rewarded with the Kulturförderpreis from the Kanton Wallis.

Thomas Jeker, Zürich is a musician, composer and sound designer for theatre, film and video art. His curiosity and affection for different sonic textures has led to imaginative scores and a generous, hypnotically engaging style of playing. He studied guitar, contrabass and shakuhachi at the Conservatories for Music in Basel and Bern. His exploration of hard-edged electronics with surprising acoustic touches is always conveyed with an expressiveness that’s understated, beautifully woven, and draws you mesmerizingly close. Since 2014 he has collaborated with Chris Leuenberger and Marcel Schwald on diverse theatre and dance productions.

Kolatt, Yangon is a multimedia and performance artist currently working and living in Myanmar. Kolatt got his initial art education from Newzero Art Space in Yangon, where he soon moved on to be gallery manager, art trainer for children and assistant art trainer for adults. In 2013 he gained his MFA at the ZHdK (Zurich Fine Art School) in Switzerland. From then on his works have been shown not only in Yangon, but also in Gwangju (Korea), the Jakarta Biennial 2015, a Queer Film Festival in the Philippines, in Lyon (France), Stockholm (Sweden), Germany, Japan and Thailand. Kolatt’s artwork deals with expectations and pressure of society on a personal and political level. It reflects personal feelings of being misunderstood and imprisoned in one’s own society. To express this he uses different media such as painting, installation, digital media and performance art.
Maria Mavridou, Amsterdam is a dancer, performer, choreographer and teacher. She holds a ΒΑ in Choreography from the SNDO in Amsterdam, graduated as a dancer from the State School of Dance in Athens and did post-graduate studies at the Dance Space Centre in New York as a recipient of the Onassis Foundation scholarship. Since 2008 she has studied extensively under the guidance of Katerina Bakatsaki and Frank van de Ven (Body Weather Amsterdam) and Katie Duck (Interdisciplinary Real-Time Composition). Maria works internationally developing solo work and collaborating with artists from the field of dance, performance, music and visual arts (Andrea K. Schlehwein + Netzwerk AKS (AT), Free The Dance / Malgorzata Haduch (PL), Chris Leuenberger (CH), The Warp – Stichting C.L.O.U.D. / Lee Ellickson (NL), Dorit Weintal / Faido Company (NL) a.o.). She is a founding member of Dangerous Mouses – a platform for movement practice, training and research and an initiator and organiser of Tsak Bam Festival – a contemporary arts festival on Aegina island in Greece. 
Shilok Mukkati, Bangalore is a marriage of celebration and destruction. She calls the powerful feminine energy in herself Shakthi. Dance and poetry are the two most important art forms Shilok uses to destroy patriarchy. In her dance “Athmanatyam” each move is a language of the soul. Her poetry is usually written in her mother tongue Kannada, in which she is trying to create a language to speak about queerness. For her radio show “Lesbians in the shadows“ Shilok received a National Award from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Presently she works as a PR and Marketing Consultant at Shoonya – Centre for Art and Somatic Practice, as a dancer for the Schwald/Leuenberger production “Ef_femininity“ and as a performer for Zubaan Project with “Undraping Silence”. Shilok is currently receiving her Master’s Degree in Marketing and Management Communications at COMMITS, Bangalore.
Hilde Niederer, Bern started taking dance classes from Hilde Baumann, the ballet master of Stadttheater Bern, in 1948 while simultaneously completing her apprenticeship in photography. From 1955 – 57 she attended the Tanzschule Kreutzberg in Bern, named after the renowned German expressionist dancer Harald Kreutzberg. She studied under his tutelage and was one of the first graduates of the school. Soon after she moved to Germany where she accepted professional engagements in the ballet ensembles of Staatstheater Mainz and Theater Koblenz. In 1972/73 she got a diploma in dance therapy in New York. Upon returning to Bern she started working with patients of the mental health hospital Klinik Waldau. Since 1980 she has been working as a self-employed dance and movement therapist. In 2015, at the age of 82, Hilde returned to the stage to star in Schwald/Leuenberger’s documentary dance performance „Kreutzberg“. 
Matthew Rogers, Hamburg is from the Tidewater Region of Virginia and graduated from Virginia Commonwealth in 2002. From 2003-2011 he was an active part of the dance community in NYC, working with renowned choreographers such as PearsonWidrig/DanceTheater, Jon Kinzel, Amber Sloan and most notably with Tere O’Connor. In 2010 he had the great pleasure to perform in Marina Abramovic’s retrospective, ‘The Artist Is Present’ at MoMA. In 2012 he moved to Zilina, Slovakia to establish a European base near his partner in love, but quickly developed working connections with Antje Pfundtner and Jenny Beyer making Hamburg, Germany his official address. In recent years he has begun creating his own choreographic work: „a fragile son“, a solo made in CZ/SK in 2014 and „Desire & Discipline“, a duet made with Chris Leuenberger in 2016. The latter was invited as a study for transcultural exchange on erotics in dance to Yangon, Myanmar in the context of the 2020 Yangon Pride.
Marcel Schwald, Basel has established a practice which approaches the audience very directly, comes close and calls for reaction. His works are often largely based on improvisation and reflect social hierarchies and possibilities of self-empowerment. Schwald’s works are shown internationally at independent venues and state theatres (including Schauspielhaus Zürich, Theater Basel, Impulse Festival NRW, Selection Suisse en Avignon, Beijing Fringe Festival). For his staging of the “The Making of Americans“ by Gertrude Stein he was nominated as Young Director of the Year in the 2017 critics’ survey of the magazine “Theater heute“ (“Theater today“). Since 2019 he has been working in an extended collective with the queer-feminist band Les Reines Prochaines.
Saadet Türköz, Zürich is a singer, composer and performance artist. Born in Istanbul in 1961, her first recordings were influenced by the folk music of her homeland, East Turkestan. Later her repertoire has widened to include improvised music and modern interpretations of Turkish and Kazakh music. In her work she combines past and future, traditional and contemporary, dream and reality. Through the years she developed her own style of singing, which is both expressive, physical, archaic and calm. In addition to solo performances, Türköz performs in duos, trios and larger free-improvising formations. Throughout her career she has worked in various video-, theater-, film-, dance- and literary productions, collaborating  with Pipilotti Rist, Anders Guggisberg, Muda Mathis, Anka Schmid, Gita Gsell, Elpida Orfanidou, Novoflot and many more.

Living Smile Vidya, Luzern is an actress, author and hospital clown. As an activist she has been campaigning artistically and politically for the rights of Dalits and Transgenders. She has reached a legal milestone in her home state of Tamil Nadu with the fight to change her ID and gender. She writes poignantly of her journey to be recognized as a woman in her breakthrough biography “I am Vidya”, India’s first transgender autobiography made into a full-length feature film which bagged national and state awards. As an actress Vidya received the Charles Wallace Award 2013 for her excellence in theatre, followed by a degree from the International School of Performing Arts, London, which she completed in 2014. In the same year she founded the transgender theatre collective “Panmai Theatre” in Chennai. The collective’s debut “THE COLOR OF TRANS” was shown in many festivals in India and in New York, Boston and Philadelphia.